About this Blog

This blog chronicles the experiences of the course development team for 4.605x, “A Global History of Architecture: Part 1,” a massive, open, online architectural history course to be offered on the edX platform, by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in fall 2013. The team is located within the Office of Digital Technology, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The intention of this blog is to share in our challenges and successes as we develop our first-of-its-kind courseware. The opinions shared are those of the post author alone. Content will be issued on a rolling basis, but is also comprehensive in nature, with each post covering a different aspect of the MOOC development experience.

Below are photos of the team, and bios:

One thought on “About this Blog

  1. Hey guys!

    Great work. Really really, yes! really appreciate it. Please include this blog link in the supplemental video or in the course syllabus or somewhere prominently visible. I stumble on this when I was perusing the course stuffs and ran into the FAQ doc of the course – that was so random! And it was at the bottom, I was just curious to know who are the people behind this (causing me to be up all night reading, the course is so intriguing).

    You guys have put in great effort and have done a phenomenal job to make this course available in a neat and clear fashion. Just a quick suggestion, is it possible to include the transcript link for the video. Other courses on MITx have included the transcript download link, just below the video download link.

    Thanks again!
    Keep it up and good luck 😉

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